Siemens Smart Chopper

November 16th, 2009

You must have heard of if not seen ‘American Chopper’ so you know what it is all about. In case you haven’t you will soon get some cause to rejoice about and especially so if you are any one of the hot blooded men of America who are all about independence and living life the free way. The show is about as you might have rightly guessed, choppers and bikes. Yes it is as simple as that, the show consists of a lot of show and manufacturing and customizing of bikes and choppers of the finest kind in the country; which gives the show all the reasons for being such a huge success.

It is a reality TV show and has been mightily popular all the six seasons that it has been on air now. The show has at the center a father and son duo, who runs a metal work shop in New York where their customers are chopper enthusiasts. Viewers get to see the inside workings of the chopper manufacturing industry as well as great entertainment provided the eccentric characters of both the father as well as the son.

The show even though never really died down on its popularity has suddenly set off the buzz again and this time too it is because of a chopper. The bike in question here is the Siemens Smart Chopper, an electric motorcycle that has recently been opened to public view and business and has become quite popular amongst those who know a good bike when they see one. After having featured all kinds and brands and models of bikes throughout all the seasons that they have aired, the Siemens Smart Chopper will the first customized electric bike that would be featured on ‘American Chopper’ and it is sure to be a hit. The bike has been gaining a lot of media coverage otherwise as well.

Hybrid Cars and Natural Gas

October 9th, 2008

Will natural gas sell hybrids?

Natural gas is not only cheaper than gasoline it is also cleaner. As the demand for natural gas grows so its price will rise.

No matter which way you look at it though the interest in natural gas just is not there at this time. The low number of refueling stations for cars that use natural gas is the main cause in the lack of interest with most citizens. There are only around one thousand natural gas stations throughout the United States. The way to fix this problem is the same way is to add more stations in the country and put standard plugs in hybrid cars.

So the question is will natural gas help in selling hybrid cars, a yes is more than likely. All we need to create awareness and facilities for its widespread use.

Hybrid School Bus Developed

August 30th, 2008

The basic yellow school bus hasn’t changed much in 30 years: a shoe-box-on-wheels built to transport kids safely at low cost.

Now Ewan Pritchard wants to turn that soot-spewing school bus into a clean, green plug-in-hybrid machine. High mileage. No more exhaust cloud at each stop.

When Mr. Pritchard, a mechanical engineer, unveiled his plan to a major bus manufacturer in 2002, snickering officials nearly laughed him out of the room. That was before hurricane Katrina hit, and diesel prices skyrocketed.

“When we first talked about this, manufacturers acted as if we were asking them to build flying cars or something,” says Pritchard, hybrid program manager for Advanced Energy, a small nonprofit energy-consulting company in Raleigh, N.C.

That laughter has subsided. Now, the nation’s biggest school-bus maker has orders for 19 buses from districts in 11 states – including Washington, California, Texas, Iowa, Arkansas, and North Carolina.

In Bradenton, Fla., Manatee School District officials last month became proud owners of the nation’s first two plug-in hybrid school buses. Students are catching the spirit of their new ride, too. Emily Mulrine, a district student, helped name her middle school’s new plug-in hybrid bus “Limpio,” the Spanish word for clean.

Such plug-in hybrid buses use both a diesel engine and an electric motor – plugging into a power socket at night to charge batteries. Environmentalists and energy-security hawks love the idea.

“Buses are a great way to use off-the-shelf technology that can reduce pollution and energy use,” says Roland Hwang, senior policy analyst at the Natural Resources Defense Council. “This move creates greater pressure on the automakers to produce similar technology.”

Indeed, while big automakers tout plans to build plug-in hybrid cars a few years from now, Navistar International Corp.’s school bus division, IC Corp., is already rolling out plug-in hybrid buses. This week, another one will be delivered in Pennsylvania.

Algenol Biofuels

August 23rd, 2008

This new direct to ethanol process uses both a new algae and new collection method to produce cost effective ethanol that:

1. Does NOT require food based feedstocks like corn or sugarcane.

2. Does NOT require harvesting.

3. Does NOT require fossil fuel based fertilizers.

4. Does NOT require fresh water.

5. Does NOT require large amounts of fossil fuel.

6. Does NOT require arable land.

7. Does use desert land and marginal land.

8. Does make fresh water from seawater during the process.

9. Does use treated manure instead of fossil fuel based fertilizers.

10. Does have an energy balance over 8 : 1 (energy output : fossil fuel input).

Algenol Biofuels

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